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Experts Share Their Secret To Managing Incontinence

It’s a subject we rarely feel comfortable talking about, but incontinence affects over 25 million Americans every day with countless others suffering undiagnosed symptoms.

And while seniors are hit the hardest, symptoms can begin at any age.

Treatment can also be difficult as incontinence can be caused by a variety of physical and mental issues like stress, overactive muscles and obstructions.

Then there’s the stigma, making those suffering from incontinence reject treatment to avoid embarrassment, causing long-term discomfort and potentially serious complications.

While those with intense or prolonged symptoms should seek help, experts have discovered that people often find relief with simple changes to one key area: their diet.

Here are the foods and drinks most likely to make symptoms of incontinence worse…

Coffee & Tea

Both coffee and tea, regardless of their caffeine levels, are diuretics that increase the excretion of water from our system. This can mean extra trips to the bathroom for those sensitive to its effects.


Although they’re an excellent source of nutrients, many citrus fruits contain acids and juices that irritate stomachs and could result in bladder control issues.


In addition to being another diuretic, alcohol clouds focus and makes listening to your body more difficult. This can make it hard to keep a bathroom schedule or avoid accidents.


It may come as a surprise, but chocolate’s relatively minor caffeine content may still be a source of irritation for some. For those with an especially strong sweet tooth, experts recommend white chocolate as it’s naturally caffeine-free!

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods naturally cause discomfort in the majority of people, but those dealing with incontinence may experience slightly more discomfort in the bathroom.


Adding too many sweeteners, both natural and artificial, have been shown to worsen symptoms of incontinence. However, experts don’t recommend cutting them out completely - just reducing intake.

Processed Foods

Additives and artificial ingredients can make many of our favorite snacks and fast foods hard to digest and trigger bladder irritation. Like sweeteners, experts recommend simply cutting back.

The Bottom Line

For those experiencing symptoms of incontinence, eliminating these foods from their diet could provide some much-needed relief from day-to-day symptoms.

Not sure how to get started? It’s easy! Simply start from the top and remove or cut back on each item until symptoms and discomfort are noticeably weaker. Slowly adding each food back in can also be an effective way to discover intake limit or which ones are most problematic.

However, experts don’t recommend stopping there.

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