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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a Nexwear membership?

With Nexwear, you're always in control. Ordering these trials does enroll our customers in our completely customizable membership, where you're in control. 

Protective Underwear

Nexwear offers a complimentary week trial of protective underwear.  Your first restock package will be shipped 10 days after you order your starter kit and then shipped at the frequency you selected at checkout. 

Bladder Control Pads

Nexwear offers 50% off your first order of bladder control pads. Your next order will be shipped at the frequency you selected at checkout. 

Modify your membership. 

Easily modify or cancel your membership anytime, sign into your account here! Modify current and future orders, shipping addresses, payment details and your membership.

You can reach us at +1-866-420-6997, M-F between 7 AM and 5 PM PST. 

For cancellations, click on "manage subscriptions". Make sure you click "Cancel" next to each product that you no longer want to receive by 11:59 PM EST the day before your scheduled ship date to ensure the order does not process.

Need to make an account? 

If you have not created an account yet, you will need to register here! 
Once completed, an email will be sent to you to "activate" your account. 

Email subject "customer account activation" - click activate your account. Please sign into your account. 

You now have access to manage your account as you please. Modify current and future orders, shipping addresses, payment details and your membership. 

Need help? You can reach us at +1-866-420-6997, M-F between 7 AM and 5 PM PST.

For cancellations, click on "manage subscriptions".  Make sure you click "Cancel" next to each product that you no longer want to receive by 11:59 PM EST the day before your scheduled ship date to ensure the order does not process.


Can Nexwear be used for overnight use?

Yes, Nexwear offers maximum protection. 

Why Nexwear?

It’s simple: Nexwear is the only company to offer no-fail protection and complete discretion.

What are Eco-travels / Disposable Pouches for?

We designed the Eco-travels / Disposable Pouch for ultimate convenience and discretion. Discreet to carry, use and throw away after use. Because discretion doesn’t stop even when you are on the go!

How do I know what size to order?

Small covers waist sizes 16" - 27"
Medium covers waist sizes 28" - 34"
Large covers waist sizes 32" - 44"
Extra Large covers waist sizes 42" - 56" 
Need a bigger size? Send us an email to see how we can help. 

Which is the back? 

The back is always indicated by red stitching at the top of the waistband when stretched

How much does it cost? 

Starter Kit is FREE, just $3.99 to help us with S&H.  
Restock Package, $.83 each for 60 pairs. 60 disposable Eco-Travel Pouches. Shipping is FREE for members. 
The Starter kit does enroll you in our completely customizable membership.
Not a member? No problem, shipping is just $5 for buy now purchases. 
Just tell us where to send it. 

What do these look like? 

What is a drawer organizer? 

Your Starter Kit includes a discreet organizer box that fits great in your underwear drawer and works perfect to keep you organized, you're always in control. 

Do you offer both Men's and Women's product?

Absolutely! Our products were designed to fit and feel great for both men and women. 

Can your products hold fecal? 

Yes! With cutting edge technology, our products were designed to contain liquids, solids and semi-solids. Also, these are odor neutralizing, so it's one less thing to worry about. 

Are these machine washable? 

No. Our products were designed for one time use only. 

Bladder Control Pads

What Pads do you offer? 

We offer Moderate regular, Maximum Regular, Maximum Long and Ultimate. 

How many come in a pack and how much do they cost? 

We sell all of our Pads in 90 count packages, to save you time and money. 50% off your first order too! 

Moderate Regular is $29.99 (.33 each)

Maximum Regular is $34.99 (.38 each)

Maximum Long is $39.99 (.44 each) 

Ultimate is $47.99 (.53 each)

How absorbent are they? 

Moderate Regular can absorb 1.5 cups. 

Maximum Regular can absorb 2.5 cups.

Maximum Long can absorb 3 cups.

Ultimate can absorb 4 cups.

How long are they? 

Moderate Regular is 10 inches 

Maximum Regular is 12 inches

Maximum Long is 13.75 inches

Ultimate is 15.75 inches


What forms of payments do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal.

When is my Credit Card charged?

We charge your card only when we ship you product.

Do you accept insurance? 

While we don't accept insurance at this time, some of our customers provide a receipt to their insurance company for potential reimbursement. 


Is shipping really free for members?

Yes! It’s part of the premium service Nexwear delivers. Become a member and save! 

Plus, it’s 2019 – who charges for shipping anymore?

How can I track my order?

It’s easy! We'll always send tracking details in our email communications or you can simply log in to your account and click on your latest order. Need help? Email or call us anytime, we are always here for you!

When will my product arrive? 

Depending on location...

Starter Kit orders arrive 2 -3 days once it's shipped. 

Restock and Pad orders arrive 3-6 days once it's shipped. 

So you can easily track your package, we'll always email you tracking information for every order. 

*Please note that our warehouse is not open on weekends, so, depending on the day that you place your order, packages may take longer to arrive. In order for your order to process on the same day, it must be placed by 3 PM PST.

What carriers do you use to ship Nexwear orders? 

Starter Kits are sent USPS 2 day priority mail. 

Restock orders and bladder control pads are sent using UPS Surepost, where USPS delivers the package on the last mile. 

*Our packages are very discreet, so nobody will know what's inside. Box with a label, thats it! 

Return & Refund Policy

Can I return my order? 

Unfortunately, due to the nature and intimacy of these products we are unable to accept any returns once an order has been delivered. 
No returns will be accepted.
Please feel free to donate unused products to a friend or to your local homeless shelter. 

Can I get a refund? 

 Once your order arrives, due to the medical nature of these products, refunds will not be given. If you refuse your order and is returned back to our warehouse in its original unopened state, a $9.99 restocking fee is applied to your refund.