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Incontinence Buyer's Guide: Take Control of your Comfort

A Common Problem

Some maladies are easy to talk about — allergies, headaches, the occasional acne. Others, though common, can be difficult to broach. In particular, incontinence is a daily struggle for roughly 13 million Americans. Though it can seem isolating, for many, incontinence is a familiar problem. 

But while those who suffer from incontinence are most definitely not alone, discussing it can still be uncomfortable, and that makes finding the right help a difficult process.

Finding the right products to fit your life should be easy. That’s why Nexwear is here to offer a one-stop guide to choosing the incontinence and bladder health products that are right for you. 

Types of Incontinence Products  

Incontinence shouldn’t keep you from living your life with comfort. Thankfully, many types of products exist to help you manage your condition, including: 

  • Absorbent, disposable pads;
  • Incontinence underwear, which features a waterproof liner and built-in pad;
  • Disposable underwear;
  • Flushable Wet Wipes with Aloe
  • Protective pads to place under mattresses and chairs; and
  • Furniture covers. 

Additionally, you can employ a variety of tools to strengthen your pelvic floor and support the bladder to minimize your symptoms. Kegel exercises, for example, are useful in mitigating and even preventing the symptoms of incontinence.  

What to Consider When Buying Incontinence Products 

While all incontinence products have their usefulness, most incontinence sufferers stand to benefit the most from finding the right pads and underwear to fit their daily needs. However, because incontinence products function best when tailored to the physical form and needs of the user, they’re generally not one-size-fits-all. Our Nexwear team has noted the specifics to consider when selecting your products for maximum comfort and efficiency. 

Finding the Right Product For You  


Size may be the most important factor when it comes to the comfort of your incontinence products, as well as the efficacy. Before purchasing, take your hip and waist measurements to ensure a proper fit. Likewise, be sure to check the product’s sizing chart to make an informed decision. 

For extra sizing help, take our Nexwear Perfect Fit Quiz!

Absorbency Level

Much like size, the required absorbency level will vary from person to person. If you only deal with occasional leaks, a lighter absorbency will be fine. For those who often have accidents, though, a higher level of absorbency may be necessary for comfort and protection.  


Be sure to choose products specific to your anatomy to ensure proper protection. For example, male-gendered incontinence products provide more protection in the front.  

Online Vs. In-Store

While shopping in-store works best when you need products in a pinch, many prefer online ordering, as it gives them the freedom to research options on their own terms. Online shopping also offers discretion, which allows shoppers to make decisions about their incontinence products in the comfort of their own homes.

Enjoy Better Bladder Health Today! 

As with any chronic condition, dealing with incontinence can be frustrating. Knowing how to choose the right incontinence products is the first step in easing those frustrations, getting you on your way to a comfortable life. Most importantly, remember, you’re not alone.  

Need high-quality incontinence and bladder health products delivered directly and discreetly to your door? We can help. Start shopping through our online store today!