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Helpful Tips For Caregivers

Helpful Tips for Caregivers

 Any member of the sandwich generation is not only responsible for the well being of their children, but they’re also the primary caregivers for their parents.Then, on top of all that, they also have to manage their demanding careers and personal lives.This article isn’t to say this arrangement can’t be conducive to a fulfilling life. And providing care to elderly parents is an inherently noble pursuit.Still, that doesn’t make it any less demanding—both mentally and physically. To care for elderly parents – as a parent – requires considerable resolve, dedication, and a willingness to learn and accept expert advice, such as the helpful tips below:  


1. Teamwork is Everything 

Primary caregivers have been placed into this role for a good reason. They’re the most well-equipped to handle the bulk of the work and to call the shots.Though the quintessential trait of any shot-caller or leader is the ability to delegate effectively. Remember, Superman is a comic book and not a real human being—trying to do everything alone is impossible, and a one-way ticket to burnout-city.Caregivers would be wise to ask their children for help—provided the tasks with which they’re charged are age-appropriate. The chores don’t have to be revolved around an elderly loved one. Just asking them to do more household chores would go a long way in lightening the load.When it comes to financial paperwork, for instance, see if any siblings or other relatives would be interested in giving a hand.  



2. Live in the Here and Now

 A sandwich-generation caregiving scenario can take its toll and seem like it’s an overall negative. It’s heartbreaking to watch parents suffer and lose their independence. Plus, balancing it with raising one’s children adds a nearly immeasurable amount of stress to the situation.But these are the circumstances, regardless of their cruelness. And since a loved one is ill, it’s more reason to enjoy and cherish these moments with them.Also, when it’s time to have fun, don’t fret over the negatives that come with caregiving. Effectively compartmentalizing those sinking feelings is a must for sandwich-generation caregivers. 


3. Pooling Caregiving Resources 

 In many cases, circumstances dictate that caregivers live in a different state from their elderly loved ones. It’s integral to be plugged into the local pipeline and have contact with a network that’ll help keep a watchful eye on an aging parent.Whether it’s a neighbor or a cousin from the next town over, ask them to check in weekly with elderly loved ones and to provide updates. 


4. Set Up Monthly Service Subscriptions

 Another way to be an effective caregiver is by paying for regular subscription services that improve elderly parents’ quality of life.For instance, at, there’s a monthly incontinence  subscription available. It’ll help keep elderly loved ones suffering from those symptoms dry and comfortable, and it’s a form of caregiving that can be provided while living out of town, if necessary.